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Form Utilities CFC Issue: jQuery CSS selectors

Name: jQuery CSS selectors
ID: 2
Project: Form Utilities CFC
Type: Bug
Area: Front End
Severity: High
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: John Farrar
Created: 09/05/08 10:33 AM
Updated: 11/04/08 3:05 PM
Description: If you put this type of code in for browser side JavaScript...

$("#myID.myClass").css("border","3px solid red");

...it should only select an item where the attributes are ID="myID" and it has a class in the class attribute of "myClass". In CSS selectors the dot represents a class. This is going to be more and more common in newer browsers like FireFox. It's the trend of things to come. (Well, it has been here for a good time.)
History: Created by johnfarrar (John Farrar) : 09/05/08 10:33 AM

Comment by brian428 (Brian Kotek) : 09/05/08 10:53 AM
Er, OK John. I don't see how this is a bug though...or what you actually mean. Are you asking whether one can use jQuery to reorganize the form fields into implicit arrays and structs prior to submitting the form?

Updated by brian428 (Brian Kotek) : 11/04/08 3:05 PM
Since I'm not sure how the field name having a dot has an effect on using jQuery to select something by ID, I'm going to close this barring additional information.

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