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Form Utilities CFC Issue: CURRENTSCOPE is undefined

Name: CURRENTSCOPE is undefined
ID: 6
Project: Form Utilities CFC
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Stefan Kovacs
Created: 05/31/13 12:06 AM
Updated: 10/15/13 11:48 PM
Description: Running the sample code it just give me this error:
coldfusion.runtime.UndefinedVariableException: Variable CURRENTSCOPE is undefined

If I comment line 71 in FormUtilities.cfc, it works well but will be no more protect from cross site scripting ...
History: Created by nikitul (Stefan Kovacs) : 05/31/13 12:06 AM

Comment by brian428 (Brian Kotek) : 05/31/13 6:26 AM
Hi, can you try changing line 71 from:

<cfset currentScope[local.thisField] = htmlEditFormat( currentScope[local.thisField] ) />


<cfset arguments.formScope[local.thisField] = htmlEditFormat( arguments.formScope[local.thisField] ) />

Comment by jphustman (Jeremey Hustman) : 08/30/13 9:54 AM
I just wanted to comment on the fact that I ran into this on my project, and this change to line 71 does in fact work (CF 9,0,2,282541)

Comment by brian428 (Brian Kotek) : 08/30/13 12:02 PM
Fixed. Thanks.

Updated by brian428 (Brian Kotek) : 08/30/13 12:02 PM

Comment by nikitul (Stefan Kovacs) : 10/15/13 11:48 PM
Now is working... Thank you

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